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80 thoughts on “FIFA 12

  1. Please help me my carrer mode no save and setting no save .Sorry my English Help me please !!!!!

  2. Hello people, although that it is difficult, and we are going to be sincere, because all we are wanted that they help us, but did not help anybody, I would like to find aid to create a patch of a new league for 12 FIFA PC, I crearia equipment, players, flags, sponsors, adboards, and only querria that somebody did kits and minikits to me, that I already own of serious 10 FIFA PC and to pass them to 12 FIFA PC. If somebody wants to help me, that it contacts with me in my mail, putting AID 12 PATCH FIFA PC.Mi mail is:
    Pardon by my English, I am Spanish and I do not speak English, I use a translator to write this.

  3. Español:

    Hola a todos, les quisiera pedir si es posible que suban los Archivos de Idioma (Para tener Textos y Comentarios en Español, Mexico, Inglés, Portugues, etc.).
    Gracias por su atención.


    Hello everyone, I would ask if you can drive up Language files (For text and commentary in Spanish, Mexico, English, Portuguese, etc.)..
    Thank you for your attention.

  4. I was wondering how I can edit the world XI for fifa 12. I want to select my own players

  5. hi, somebody know how i can open *.big files of fifa 12, i was try with FinalBig but can’t view the info for each file, always inside of the big file, appear chunkzip i don’t know why, please help me!!!

  6. hello everyone…can anyone crate ronaldo(brazil) for me..i wuold apreaciate a lot :)

  7. Hi i hv installed fifa12 but its askin for some release data . What should i do ? Can anyone help me

  8. when i open fifa config.. it show some numbers…i install .netframe 4 bt now its show unable to find a version of this runtime plzzz help to solve………


  10. can you unlock any ground,
    i mean so you can chose any pitch for you home pitch in the career mode,
    example- if i was Man Utd, i could play at Stamford bridge
    if i was Celtic i could play at Old trafford

    that sort of thing,



  12. need english language pack…becoz there is no commentator voice while playing the game..can sumbody help me???pleaseee….

  13. help me i can’t run the fifa 12 renegerator ‘/ it’s says ti ne ” only fifa 12 NG support” what is that

  14. hello,please can you help me to find the way how to add a ball in fifa12,i can’t inderstand how!!!pleas help me!!!thanks a lot

  15. Hey just asking if there is a patch for french comments on fifa 12 available because the only one available was on megaupload. if someone has it can you share please

  16. After I change the stadium as home pitch, every time I play home game their is only players and net. No pitch, no grass, no stadium. Nothing. Can any one help? TNX

  17. is there any israeli leauge patch for ps3?????
    if there isn’t, can you make one????????

  18. I get invisible players! why? can somebody help? is there a patch to solve it? pls help…

  19. Hello
    FIFA 12 on my system when playing the game stuck with 2GB RAM and a Core 2 CPU and the graphics have 1 GB. Please explain the reason for me thanks.

  20. @mohamad: fifa game could be runs well on your computer. try to update the graphic card, coz it needs shader 3. don’t use ENB coz it so hard for your spec. so use D3DOverrider. more smoother.

  21. hai…..guys… FIFA game is better for now. i use RC 12 gameplay and update data base. then changes my Scoreboard, Popup, league, and every part of fifa.
    now, i play season 2 with Liverpool, going to champion leagues.
    I LOVE IT.

  22. plsssssssss i neeed help in installing patches am having a hard time am starting to thinks patches are fake pls help i beg anibodi

  23. Hola, queria pedirle si alguien tiene la liga argentina por que no la encuentro por ningun lado, si alguien la tiene por favor diganme de donde la puedo bajar a este GRACIAS!

  24. [[[lemuel says:
    April 24, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    plsssssssss i neeed help in installing patches am having a hard time am starting to thinks patches are fake pls help i beg anibodi]]]

    with patch do you want?
    for FIFA, you only need to change db and data. depend on patch. then don’t forget to REGENERATE it.
    if you’re not sure for the patch, back up the original FIFA.

    happy editing your FIFA…

  25. pls tel me how instal petch face packet? where are I put this face ? progarm files/ fifa12/ data…?

  26. hey, how do i download fifa faces for players that don’t look like them selves. expecialy neymar and many young and talented players

  27. hello i have fifa 12 for xbox 360 and i have no internet server can i than the updates of fifa 12 downloaden on a usb and so to the xbox 360 yes? where can i download the updates

  28. can any1 tell me how do i get fifa 12 english commentary patch. anybody plz help me

  29. i need to know where to copy the patch files for face in my pc version fifa 12 … plzzzzzzzzzzz any body help me ….. i really need it

  30. i downloaded zlatan’s fifa patch but i’m having some difficulties. i can not play manager mode.

  31. if you wanna change face players, you need CM12. and don’t forget to regenerate it. (try to download zlatan87 superpatch 2)

    Berry says:
    June 5, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    i downloaded zlatan’s fifa patch but i’m having some difficulties. i can not play manager mode.

    try to play new carrier, and changes the squads used with current customised, then you can play your carrier again. :-)

  32. Hola chicos necesito ayuda me descargue el World Tour 2012 pero tiene algunos bugs, uno de ellos, es que cuando voy a jugar se sale, alguien pdoria decirme como solucionar los bugs? mi fifa 12 no es original.

  33. my FUT wont let me buy players with y Microsoft Points and when i buy players they disappear leaving me, alot of the time with no coins can someone please help

  34. hey i’m not able to download jan. update of fifa12 from game. can you plz give me that patch file of it??

  35. Hi guys
    Plz help me to find the Fifa 12 latest squad update. im very to eager to find to find the new players in manchester united
    thank u

  36. new at pc gaming what do i need to download so I can mod my FIFA 12 PC game? Any help would be appreciated!!!

  37. hi ,guys i wont to now how to make transfer patch for fifa 12 using creation master 12,what program i need to use,thanks

  38. I NEED help!!! I installed CM12 but it will not open it just gives me this 10003 error can not open fifa fat file!!! I have a bunch of kits, shoes, faces and even stadiums that I can not use!!!! Please any body help. I have run the program as administrator and nothing

  39. hey.. can i download the latest squad? i want to download the Philippines in my Fifa 12

  40. hey.. can i download the latest squad? i want to download the Philippines in my Fifa 12.. do this team exist?

  41. It’s said,

    Error: 10004
    Unable to retrieve information from the registry. Probably the game is not installed properly.

    how can I ifx it??

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