6 Ways EA Sports Can Improve Fifa 13 :


Player Faces
Over the years, the EA Sports DEV team have done a fantastic job in improving the authenticity of players faces, but in current Fifa game, (Fifa 12) there are still well known players that look completely unlike the faces of the players we see in real life. An example of this, Manchester United Northern Ireland defender Johnny Evans and funnily enough, Evans on Fifa 12 looks like former Manchester United captain Roy Keane. Pro Evoloution Soccer (PES) is deffiently ahead of Fifa in terms of creating the right mould of player faces.

Improving ‘in gaming’ atmosphere
I think this one of the key areas the EA Sports DEV team should improve on, this includes the authenticity of the fans chatting, an example of this, every time Manchester United play (real life) they usually chant “Rooney, Rooney, Rooney” this should be included in Fifa 13, as this adds to realism when playing games with Manchester United.

Another way I believe EA can improve in the gaming experience is by making ‘derby’ matches more intensifying, such as the EL Clasico derby with both Barcelona and Real Madrid fighting it out, or the ‘Manchester Derby’ between Manchester United and Manchester City. They could do this by showing real life clips of previous events between all four teams etc.

‘Better’ Commentators
I really think EA should bring Andy Gray and even include Richard Keys, for me, personally, they are best commentators for their liveliness they bring to games, I really find Martin Tyler and Andy Smith boring and they do no favours for the game, commentary wise.

‘Improve’ the officiating
In Fifa 12, I think the officiating/referring system in place is appalling, I’ve made countless perfectly tackled challenges in the penalty box and when the opponent is clear on goal and have perfectly timed the tackle (replays shows I clearly got the ball and the player just falls over from getting the ball) and It’s been called as a foul, given a yellow or even worse a RED card, when the tackle was perfectly timed. Also in terms of authenticity I believe there should be more offside ‘mistakes’ on Fifa 12, 99.99% of offside’s in my experience count as offisde and in real life, you see plenty of errors by linesman not calling an offisde when it should of been offside, we need to see more of these offside ‘errors’ in Fifa 13

Better graphics
Every year, Fifa improves their overall graphics display output, but if you compared PES 2012, and Fifa 12, PES out muscles Fifa 12 in every way, graphics wise. Not only that, Fifa should also improve on the quality of the stadiums, they look very ‘dated’ to say the least.

Proper names for competitions
For some strange and bizarre reason, Fifa 12 are yet to implement the proper naming of some of their game modes. They are yet to include the Uefa Champions Leauge or the Europa Leauge and I strongly believe this needs to be included in the upcoming Fifa 13 game. Also, the billboards in these competitions should represent this, so for the Europa Leauge, it should of the Europa Leauge sponsors as well as the Europa Leauge logo represented in the Europa Leauge competition games and the same goes for the Uefa Champions Leauge.

source : Alex Chan from FIFA13 site.


  1. About the UEFA CL and Europa League, the PES Frachise got the rights to put them in the game. I don’t think they would sell it to EA, or allow them to put in the game, so this is something that we’ll have to wait a little longer to see them properly in the FIFA games

  2. Why can’t Fifa embed international competitions to manager mode? It would make the experience more realistic (e.g. players off playing friendlies & therefore can’t be used). They could also add some ideas & features for manager mode from EA’s other game (Fifa Manager). Sometimes more is better. I would also want more room to customise & edit just about anything like in PES.

  3. i suggest pes must do like fifa. their face and other…
    and fifa must make champion league mod or others..fifa is best but want better is make Champion league and other through…please make a lot better face and real. pes2013 i suggest make the player celebration like fifa.. hope after this will be more real and great..good luck fifa13 and other..

  4. We have been playing Fifa before we learnt how to walk and it was always a blast playing with your heros back then.Fifa should include a lot more classic players in the classic team ,players like Zidane and etc. And please buy the rights to use UEFA,please


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