This patch which has been created with the help of fifa_freak, DaKaTotal, FP23, DLLVL, junjoong and Kim Sa Eun includes some features which are important for a lot of guys so that the Demo improves some more features like a better lighting in the stadium and a much more realistic turf.

All features together:
* new turf lightning
* new shaddows on the turf
* new turf textures
* new Mowing Pattern
* new 3D turf
* new tunnel textures
* new tunnel lightning
* new floodlights in the stadium
* realistic sky
* more time of days
* new referee kits
* improved face and kit sharpness
* edted graphics parameters
* new generic adboards
* new goal nets
* fan chants for all teams
* new background sounds
* improved audio configuration (crowds are louder and say more ofen BOO, etc.)
* improved gameplay ( Apollox Realistic Demo Gameplay v0.8 )

Everybody who has already installed some team patches have to install them again after installing this patch. The new time of days will disapear by installing new team patches.

Rapidshare Download


  1. link are brocken

    can u upload it again please

    on mediafire or something

    it will not take much time thanks


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