FIFA 11 Game Face

fifa 11 game face

What is FIFA 11 Game Face?

EA SPORTS Game Face is a feature available to registered users of and You can upload photos of your own face and have it take a starring role on your Profile page.

But that’s not all! Game Face also works with FIFA’s Virtual Pro feature, meaning that your Game Face is downloaded into the game and mapped on to a facial model, ready for kick off. If you have ever wanted to play alongside your footballing heroes, Game Face is your chance to literally join them in the action on the pitch.

PLEASE NOTE: Game Face is our first step towards a full 3D avatar on the web, and as such will remain in “BETA” stage until all of its core features are rolled out and fine-tuned to provide to all the best experience possible.

FIFA 11 Game Face

Link: here.

FIFA 11 Pre Launch Trailer Featuring Rooney, Iniesta, Kaka and Others


FIFA 11 PC Basic Tricks Tutorial


FIFA 11 Demo Tonight !

FIFA 11 Demo Tonight ! The demo let’s you watch how pro passing is done and shows how heading and dribbling improves with personality of the player. It seems to me that tackling capability of the defender has also improved alot.

EA has also introduced 11 vs 11 online play for the very first time. The game company introduced new features like distant shooter, speed dribbler, one time passer, speedster and the playmaker.

The game is also likely to produce stunning skill moves by the cpu players with the improved artificial intelligence.
Strength and balance is also likely to play curtail role in the game. Most of all the video says that the FIFA 11 demo will be out by 16th of September.

Download Links for FIFA 11 demo Later Tonight here 🙂

PES 2011 demo ( <- download here) was already released. Try it now !

FIFA11 demo release on September 16th

FIFA11 demo release on September 16th HOT : FIFA11 demo will be released on September 16th 2010.
We will post the demo as soon is available.

FIFA 11 officially release date

Gamescom news, FIFA 11 new features :

* Be A Goalkeeper
The name sounds a bit like Be A Pro – but until now it was only possible to play the 10 players on the pitch. A new feature in FIFA 11 will be, that it will be possible to controll the goal keeper, too.
* 11v11 Online Play
With the help of Be A Goalkeeper it is possible to play 11vs11 games in the internet. The very first time in a soccer computer game it is possible to controll all 22 players on the pitch by 22 different players.

Some detailled information about the FIFA 11 Demo: The FIFA 11 Demo will be released on 15th September for PS3 and on 16th September for Xbox 360 and PC. These teams are included: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Olympique Lyon, FC Chelsea and Juventus Turin!

FIFA 11 will be officially released on 30th September 2010.

FIFA 11 cover

fifa 11 cover


Real Madrid Midfielder Joins Manchester United and England Icon, Wayne Rooney, on UK Pack.

Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that Real Madrid midfielder Kaka has been chosen for the FIFA 11 cover. The 28-year-old Brazilian football hero will be the center-piece of global advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns for the most popular* sports videogame in the world. Kaka is part of an iconic group of 17 football stars who will adorn FIFA 11 worldwide and joins Manchester United and England sensation Wayne Rooney, who graces the pack for the sixth consecutive year, as joint cover star in the UK. Kaka will be accompanied by football stars from other teams in other countries in territory specific packaging when FIFA 11 is available in stores September 28 in North America and October 1 in Europe and Asia.

FIFA 11 Gameplay & Reportage HD (New 29.07.2010)

FIFA 11 Gameplay & Reportage HD (New) PC X360 PS3


FIFA 11 – EGTV Interrogates FIFA 11 David Rutter