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The final of the UEFA Champions League. This year with a German and an Italian team: FC Bayern Munich vs. Inter Milan.

FIFA4Fans created the right patch for today which makes it possible to play this final in your FIFA 10: The Champions League 2010 Final Patch. This patch has been organised by DaKaTotal, thanks a lot to Kahn-Titan, TC, apollox, Rapidfan, Martin 94, Den1190, ATSV, TeneCee and Wolverine who helped creating this patch.

The patch includes all necessary features for the final:

* original team squads for the 2 teams
* new Kits: (home, away, (third) and keeper kits) for the 2 teams
* new Flags for the 2 teams
* the official CL adboards
* the official Adidas Finale 9 Ball
* new Mini-Faces, Banners and Logos for the 2 teams
* the Santiago Bernabeau Stadium with an updated floodlight

The patch can be installed by using Creation Master. Furthermore all graphics are available as png-files if you only want to install parts of the patch.


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