Notes by Outsider87P :

VIDEO HERE: YouTube – Cinematics Patch FIFA 09

MANY MANY THANKS TO: Krystian 82, without him this patch would have never been possible!

Here you are the most important changes:

1) corrected the bug of players of the same team arguing after a foul.
2) Inserted new generic aerial intro for all stadiums. This intro works for every past or future imported stadium and it has 12 different cameras/cinematics.
3) Inserted new intro for important matches. The intro now is longer and very suggestive.
4) Inserted new intro for international teams matches. I have increase cinematics length so that also the first anthem sound now is played till the end.
5) Inserted new intro for less important matches. Also here the intro has been made a bit longer.
6) Re-inserted old popups that disappeared from FIFA 07 until today. New popups are:
– match type popup with stadium name
– first leg match result or historical rivalry popup
– rotating popup for formation in international matches
– home and away team stats about their position in the league
– commentators names popup
– referee popup
7) Inserted new generic crowd shot during the substitution for all stadiums. In this way, every imported stadium (in past or future) has a crowd shot in the substitution: in this way you will finally see also the player coming in after the substitution: this was not possible with imported stadium before now.
That’s all, but this is the very first cinematic patch. For the future we are planning to change final cerimony and so on, so stay tuned!

NOTE: The installation program should work also under Windows Vista.

NOTE: This patch is not online compatible and also the uninstallation could not be enough to let you play safely online. So, if you plan to use the same fifa for online, please backup FIFA09\data\cmn\be\motion.big before installing the patch. And then, of course, when you want to restore original cine, just uninstall the patch and restore original motion.big.

I’m not sure that this patch is not online playable so if you try it and it works please let me know.
Of course I’ll wait for your impressions and any constructive criticism is really appreciated.

A comment: I really think this patch is the KO punch to EA SPORTS engineers. I can understand that could be too difficult to re-do the intro as I did (4-5 days of hard work, but I was alone and not payed for it. And I took only cinematics from old games such as UCL 06/07 and EURO 0, but the thing of restoring old FIFA 06 popups is really an easy thing that they can do in 10 minutes of work. So why not? There are no possible reasons about it… I’m very disappointed.
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