FIFA 11 EPL Patch by FIFA Mix Features :

– This patch modifies the EPL in FIFA 11.

– Updated 2010-2011 season kits & mini kits
– Updated Roster for all EPL teams
– New Referee kits
– New Logos and Official EPL Referees
– New Faces for 24 players in EPL
– Realistic Flags, Adboards
– The official EPL Balls


– Master Pi a Gi (Creator)

Thanks also to:

– Gas Panic (Kits, minis, logos & flags)
– EL_KEEPER (Adboards)
– FOXLISIN (Faces)
– Bachxop (Faces)
– andutzu (Faces)
– KrisDzung276 (Faces)
– manulukasz (Faces)
– Krajcso (Faces)
– ronaldoo17(Faces)


  1. Squads and all game modes files are unable to load! Why isnt this stated! Spent tens of hours on my be a pro and now its all gone!

  2. i get a error whenever I start a kick off match and the creation master team names come in Spanish and the languages are deleated


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