FIFA 11 Creation Master 11 Official Version:

Author: Rinaldo

The official version of Creation Master has been finally released! It is numbered as CM Release 11.0. The author (Rinaldo) was very busy in the last weeks and he had very few time to dedicate to FIFA-Master site and to the development of the tools. He will now try to reply to all the pending questions. Enjoy CM 11 and let’s hope that all the effort we did for creating this tool for FIFA 11 can be reused for FIFA 12.

FIFA 11 Creation Master 11 Official Version


  1. when I open the CM11 …. they write .. CM11 stopped working … what should i do …. please tell me !!! on CM10 …. that was great !!! but CM11 doesn’t work !! WHY ???
    PLEASE .. .guevara-19

  2. hey, how to solve this…?after i patch a ball i want save it but it not responding…how to save it???



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