FIFA 11 Creation Master 11 v11.1:

Author: Rinaldo

The official version of Creation Master has been updated! It is numbered as CM Release 11.1. The author (Rinaldo) has developed the tools nicely. He will now try to reply to all the pending questions. Enjoy CM 11 and let’s hope that all the effort we did for creating this tool for FIFA 11 can be reused for FIFA 12. With Creation Master 11 (CM11) you can edit many of the characteristics of FIFA 11.

FIFA 11 Creation Master 11 v11.1


  1. if I install this creation master and delete the old one, the changes that I made with the old one it still remain in the game? thanks

  2. Rinaldo, I installed this version of the cm and the screen that you posted there, do not appear on my well, is that neither was the cm 11.0


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