FIFA 11 Dynamo Kiew Team-Patch

This patch imports the Ukrainian Premier League Team Dynamo Kiew in your FIFA:

* 5 original kits including mini kits and fonts
* original Banner
* Mini faces for all players
* 3 new player faces

Authors: Roster: Geißbock23
Kits: Mighty Mouse
Minikits: Wolverine
Banner: Geißbock23
Minifaces: Dennynho
Logos: TeneCee
Miniflaggen: Geißbock23
Faces: Shevchenko (TeneCee)
Yarmolenko (alex94)
Gusev (alex94)

FIFA 11 Dynamo Kiew Team-Patch


  1. sorry guys but not workin,!installed,regenerated files with fifa 11 i68 regenerator 1.6 but nothing!in CM i see it but in game not!a little help please..thanks!


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