FIFA 11 ENB Series:

Author: Uzair

This is the ENB Series configured for the low specs to medium specs PC’s…What is ENB Series ? These are the files which improve the graphics of the game and works with almost all games. Graphics enhancement like adding bloom, colours, motion blur etc…The thing that annoy me the most is the pitch colours of the FIFA 11, no matter you add new turfs they still doesnt look pleasing enough, BUT after the ENB Series it gives the look of a BPL games. As this is configured for low spec PC’s it enhances contrast and colours of FIFA. Those who prefer high ENB series just configure the ENB notepad file by themselves as it is very easy to configure….
(*) INSTALLATION : Just put the files inside the root directory of FIFA, EASPORTS/FIFA 11/Game to activate or deactivate, use SHIFT+F12 when game starts.

FIFA 11 ENB Series


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