FIFA 11 Erevos Transformed Gameplay Database v2

ETGD v2 is a Gameplay patch that enchanced default FIFA 11 in a way you never imagine, CPU will attack/defend with every posible way, Goalkeepers ofter will rush out to punch ball in crossings/corners, forget about 100% goals from 1 on 1 situations, forget about CPU’s 99% corect passing, CPU will turn ball back too, ball will be played in midfield too and many many more!

I recommend v2 to be played in Legendary/slow and standalone for full expirience.

FIFA 11 Erevos Transformed Gameplay Database v2 Features:

– A total different Gameplay
– CPU goalkeepers like you never saw them
– CPU do alot more often tricks
– Every match is different
– Every goal and attack is different
– Referee’s are more strict
– Players size is smaller
– CPU is unpredictable
– No more easy 1 on 1 goals
– More long shots/goals
– Lots of transfers/formation/lineups updated
– All teams will play in a unique way
– V2 contains GSP’s fix for double teams

and lots more that you will discover…!


1. on a clean FIFA 11 patched with EA’s patch 1.01 put, data0.big in FIFA 11\Game
2. put the fifa_ng_db.db, fifa_ng_db-meta.xml in FIFA 11\Game\data\db (create the folder if you dont have it)
3. ingame do the RESET ALL SQUADS 3 times. Now V2 is on, to verify it, Messi will have 15 to tactical awarennes.

– V2 is not compatible with EA’s transfers patch, if you have it backup it and it would be best to delete your squads file from my documents\FIFA 11
– V2 will broke in key parts if you combine it with other gameplay patches
– V2 isnt compatible for official online play

Enjoy your play cause V2 makes FIFA to play football !


  1. Is this better than the Hybrid Gameplay Patch 3.0.4?? And how can i use my “xml” file so my fifa keeps my winter rosters?

  2. how to remove patch?:DDDD if you have backuped files then easy if not then reinstall the game and keep save games from my documents in other folder then reinstall game all patches then copy save game back to FIFA 11 folder and go back to game and continue playing…


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