FIFA 11 Erevos Transformed Gameplay v.2:

Author: Erevos

ETGD v2 is a Gameplay patch that enchanced default FIFA 11 in a way you never imagine, CPU will attack/defend with every posible way, Goalkeepers ofter will rush out to punch ball in crossings/corners, forget about 100% goals from 1 on 1 situations, forget about CPU’s 99% corect passing, CPU will turn ball back too, ball will be played in midfield too and many many more! We recommend V2 to be played in Legendary/slow and standalone for full expirience. V2 Features :

– A total different Gameplay
– CPU goalkeepers like you never saw them
– CPU do alot more often tricks
– Every match is different
– Every goal and attack is different
– Referee’s are more strict
– Players size is smaller
– CPU is unpredictable
– No more easy 1 on 1 goals
– More long shots/goals
– Lots of transfers/formation/lineups updated
– All teams will play in a unique way
– V2 contains GSP’s fix for double teams
– And lots more that you will discover…!

1. on a clean FIFA 11 patched with EA’s patch 1.01 put, data0.big in FIFA 11\Game
2. put the fifa_ng_db.db, fifa_ng_db-meta.xml in FIFA 11\Game\data\db (create the folder if you dont have it)
3. ingame do the RESET ALL SQUADS 3 times. Now V2 is on, to verify it, Messi will have 15 to tactical awarennes. Enjoy your play cause V2 makes FIFA to play football.

FIFA 11 Erevos Transformed Gameplay v.2