FIFA 11 – FIFA Edition Brazil Patch:

Author: FIFA Edition

FIFA Edition Brazil Patch embodies a real Brazilan League! It features :
– Brasil Seria A & Serie B complete
– Applied the official EA updates 1.01 and Winter Update (Winter Update)
– Fixed Logos and kits of the teams in FIFA 11
– New kits for the most current Brazilian teams
– New kits of goalies for Brasil Seria A & Serie B teams
– 3rd kits for clubs participating in the 2010 Series A
– New kits for several international teams
– Numbers and sources for many teams
– Actual age, weight, height, ethnicity for Brazil League
– New face updates for some Brazilian players
– 3D flags for many national teams
– New real sponsors (manager mode)
– Official Nike ball for the Brazilian league and Brazil Cup
– New trophies and logos for all leagues and cups
– New Adboards, Scoreboard, Menu screens

FIFA 11 - FIFA Edition Brazil Patch FIFA 11 - FIFA Edition Brazil Patch


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