(Patch 1.1 Compatible, not online compatible, for now!!!)

Download now:

FIFA 11 HYBRID GAMEPLAY 3.0.4 FINAL VERSION + Crowd Sounds Tune Enhancing + CPU Skill-Moves + NEW ICECAMERAS!!
(Patch 1.1 Compatible, not online compatible, for now!!!)

Download now:

PS3/PC Hybrid Gameplay is a free project to improve FIFA 11 gameplay and technically it is based on the console files importing/editing/developing, on FIFA 11 pc version! Now this importation are centered on the gameplay!

New feature of FIFA 11 PS3 now added on FIFA 11 PC! Gameplay and AI totally improved! Real and improved ball physics! Gameplay very dimamic and fluid! The gameplay it’s amazing, PC’s made pacing and speed changes, the difficult looks more harder and the body fight for posession it’s just great! Statistics blows gorgeous and real! Ball phisics really improved!! New gameplay dinamics activated now! New kick-off! New animations, new ball control! Stamina & fatigue more visible! Shooting accuracy and type of shots, tackling, slow pace, dribble are all improved! All best players was very involved a lot, with best teams! CPU very hard now! A lot replays now! New individual players movements & attribs! Players attributes really visible now! The shooting seem to be more random, connected to player attrib & conditions impossible angle or place to shoot now is possible, it makes the game more exciting! New intro camera angles and new substitution cinematics! Crowd Tune Enhancing: global sounds/reactions improvement team supporters home & away now real! New set pieces (very difficulty)! Home or away teams differences on mentality, general attributes and morale! The news players value gererate a lot of news movements, news dinamics on the gameplay! Improved GKeeper! New intro camera angle, new formations line up angle, and new substitution cinematics! + other stuff you discover when play!
360° Fight For Possession (Feature succesfully added)
True freedom in man-to-man interactions, transforming physical play from individual lateral jostling to full 360° collisions involving multiple players.
Personality Plus (Feature added on 80%) Personal interpretation
Personality + sees a footballer’s performance on the pitch mirrored authentically in game, differentiated and replicated for every player’s skill-set. New body types and player models will further help identify players. Personality+ at every position on the pitch reinvents how players look, and perform – on and off the ball.
Pro Passing (Feature added on 90%) Personal interpretation
A new passing system where pass accuracy is determined by a gamer’s ability on the control pad, and player skill, situation and urgency on the pitch. Poor decisions or over/under striking the ball will mean error-prone outcomes. New types of passes such as swerve passes will enable players to make a safer and more effective play.

FIFA 11 updated to official patch 1.0.1 required!
1) Go to your FIFA 11\Game folder \Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game
Backup these files: data0.big, data0.bh, data7.big, data7.bh (backup current files, and put on favorite folder, restore for unistall Hybrid 3.0.4)
2) Run Hybrid 3.0.4 full auto installer, and install to your FIFA 11\Game folder (\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game)
3) On DOS screen press enter/key (2 steps), wait for HYBRID GAMEPLAY Install Complete.

The gameplay is now installed!! Enjoy!

For easy install your favorited LOD settings: first add your setting.lua (compatible with 1.1 Official patch) file on folder FIFA 11\Game\HYBRID, now re-start INSTALL HYBRID.exe (on \Game folder), setup automatic add LOD on data0.big!

1) Go to your FIFA 11\Game folder \Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game
Backup these files: data0.big, data0.bh, data7.big, data7.bh (restore for uninstall Hybrid)
2) Copy your clean updated files (with Official patch 1.1):data0.big, data0.bh, data7.big, data7.bh and paste on my FIFA 11 HYBRID Easy Manual Install (or use the data0 contained on ORIGINAL_CLEAN_1.1_DATA0 folder)
3) Now run INSTALL HYBRID.bat!
4) Now copy data0.big, data0.bh, data7.big, data7.bh into the FIFA 11\Game directory and overwrite original files.

The gameplay is now installed!! Enjoy!

For easy install your favorited LOD settings: first add your setting.lua (compatible with 1.1 Official patch) file on my install folder, now run the INSTALL HYBRID.bat, setup automatic add LOD on data0.big, now install MD’s Camera, new graphics addon, or other patches!
For install on both with Everos or Matrix edited db, install Hybrid on the relative data0.big, check the forum for other info for play on both with other patches!
Don’t overwrite Hybrid modded data0.big, you lose Hybrid!

If you have a error when run INSTALL_HYBRID.bat file check this important tips:
Check if read only option on datax.big and bh is disabled (uncheck), rigth click, Property and uncheck read only options on the four datax.big and bh files! Very important!!!
For who it has problems and errors during the installation!
The problem with read only errors on data big/bh files has been fixed now!!!! Is also recommended to download: FIFA 11 Hybrid Gameplay Patch 3.0.4 FINAL VERSION + read only data files fix by Doctor+!!


If the game crash or you don’t see any difference, patch not installed correctly!

Check readme document for expert, easy or manual install, older Hybrid versions & patchs details!


Hybrid patch work and this is an hybrid gameplay PS3/PC.
All new versions files bin, vlt, big & ini works with the FIFA11 exe.

If you don’t see any difference after install Hybrid or your fifa crash, check these important tips:
For full gameplay experience to play on Manager Mode, on this modality all new stuff enabled!!!
1) Install Hybrid on a FIFA 11 clean version updated to 1.1 official patch.
2) Try a working fifa.exe, the problem are some FIFA 11 exe.
All new version files bin, big & vlt works perfectly with original FIFA11 exe (fifa.exe). check the forum!!!
3) Play the game with manual or semi assisted mode (passing, shot, cross, etc.)
4) Play the game with double analogic gamepad (Xbox360 or PS3 gamepad)
5) Play game on high skill level (legendary)!
6) Play on Manager mode
7)Play game on slow speed (adjust to options)
8) Play online versus others Hybrid opponents (check online compatible version)


  1. رة القدم الدوري الروسي الممتاز Logopatch التي TeneCee

    التصحيح يتضمن شعارات لجميع الفرق ال 16 من الدوري الروسي الممتاز. الشعارات قليلا استدارت وتمت إضافة تأثير لامع.

    إذا كنت ترغب في إضافة نظرة جديدة إلى القائمة 11 لكرة القدم يجب أن تحاول هذا التحميل. يتم إضافة تركيب آلي للتنزيل — يمكن تثبيت الشعارات ضمن عدد قليل من النقرات.
    11 لكرة القدم الرقع

  2. awesooommme dude. very very good work…
    love u doctor+ and thanks for ur hard work…..
    hoping for another patch from u soon..

  3. Hey, guys. I can’t see any difference in my gameplay. except there is only a few new camera angel in half time & full time. Can any one tell me whats wrong & How to fix it? I downloaded & installed the “FULL AUTO INSTALL VERSION”. Should i try the MANUAL one?
    Is there any sign by which i can understand that it’s working?

  4. you might want to download a separate commentary file in english… inorder to hear the commentary…
    search it in google… if i get one link i’ll post it here soon..

  5. Hey i juz download the files and install it without replacing any file and it works !!! So is there any trouble if i didn do as stated up there ?

  6. Very bad patch. You will lose with Real against for example Malorca.. Three stars team plays like a four stars team or five. Almost every centr CPU wins. That is not realistic !!! CPU looks like they have glued on ball on their foots.

  7. doctor..
    no change observed..i did full auto patch….how to no if it is workin..
    i dont think mine is coz i beat man city 3-0 with great ease..nd 65% possession..
    any way to uninstall…
    doctor+ pls reply…

  8. every think its working perfect omg ppl plz grow up or read the instr.(not much dif. of original just new cam!!! and game play are same for me)


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