FIFA 11 Hybrid Gameplay v4.7 by Doctor+ Productions:

HYBRID GAMEPLAY TOOL. Check info file for install tips and other important info! HYBRID GAMEPLAY 4 SERIES TRANSFORM FIFA 11 IN A NEW GAME!! FIFA 11 HYBRID GAMEPLAY 4.7 BETA – Public beta testing version! (It features DYNAMIC VERSION – GENERAL DYNAMIC HUMAN/AI – NEW DYNAMIC BALL PHYSICS.) THE NEW FEATURES ARE VERY VISIBLE!! (REAL MATCH SPEED) New on HG 4.7 – little preview of some new features :
– New Ball physic
– New Body Collision
– More visible player attribute
– New GK Reaction
– More Dinamic Gameplay
– New Attacking and defensive style
– Improved atmosphere of the game
– Multi Caract. Celebrations version tweaked-Improved
– All old features below and good features from HG 4.6!!

FIFA 11 Hybrid Gameplay v4.7 by Doctor+ Productions


  1. heyy thanks for this patch 😀
    i love it so much. i hope the multicharacter celebration will be fix just like the console one. appreciate it so much 🙂

  2. i love what you guys have been doing 😀
    but this version has slowed down my game.
    any idea how to fix it?
    i cant uninstall it as well cause my backups of those data files had gotten deleted 🙁


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