FIFA 11 HYBRID+Matrix+LOD v2.0 by Erevos

HYBRID+Matrix+LOD v2.0

NEW Fixed database

The instructions are very simple:

– put the original (from patch v1.01) data7.big, inside fifafs folder
– run data7.bat
– put data7.big,, data0.big, (i have them ready for you) inside EA\FIFA 11\Game
– put “db” folder inside EA\FIFA 11\Game\data
– put “NEW Fixed database!” 2 files inside EA\FIFA 11\Game\data\db
– in game go to FIFA 11 settings-EDIT-RESET ALL SQUADS (do the reset 3 times, its the only way for Matrix to be activated!!)

*do as many RESET ALL SQUADS are needed until stats are changed
*Check if “read only” option on dataX.big and bh is disabled
*i have created and tested on the new fifa 1.01 patch.
*data0.big has settings.lua

Thaks to:
fidel – for Hybrid Gameplay
Kenny – for Matrix
Promitheas – LOD
mogolos – fixed database!

by Erevos…

P.S. give some feedback guys if you want.


  1. After doing according to the instruction in this download, my FIFA starts crashing in the screen showing KAKA, I have FIFA UPDATE 1.1, please advice.

  2. Osward: it happened the same to me. it crashes after the kaká screen

    now… how to use the LOD settings?? i need to put them in Low LOD to play at 55-60 fps

    help, please

  3. Guys, all of your works are really nice. This patch works nice and truly well.
    But some of you guys couldn’t install this patch. If it crashes after Kaka’s screen then I should say that u haven’t see “readme” file properly.
    To install this patch correctly u need to install the official patch 1.01. Then download the Hybrid+Matrix+Lod patch and put the original “data7.big”, “” from FIFA 11/Game/ directory to “fifafs” folder (found in the download). Then go to “properties” of those two files (in “fifafs” folder) and unmark “read only” from both of them. Now try to run “data7.bat” It’s all okay now. Follow the next instructions given on the “readme” file and Njoy..
    Thank me if it works….
    I’m sorry if my English is bad!!!!……

  4. i have an error when i run data7.bat it says:


    fifafs.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
    we are sorry for the inconvience.

    if you were in the middle of something,the information you were working might be lost.

    for more information about this error,click here



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