Gamescom news, FIFA 11 new features :

* Be A Goalkeeper
The name sounds a bit like Be A Pro – but until now it was only possible to play the 10 players on the pitch. A new feature in FIFA 11 will be, that it will be possible to controll the goal keeper, too.
* 11v11 Online Play
With the help of Be A Goalkeeper it is possible to play 11vs11 games in the internet. The very first time in a soccer computer game it is possible to controll all 22 players on the pitch by 22 different players.

Some detailled information about the FIFA 11 Demo: The FIFA 11 Demo will be released on 15th September for PS3 and on 16th September for Xbox 360 and PC. These teams are included: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Olympique Lyon, FC Chelsea and Juventus Turin!

FIFA 11 will be officially released on 30th September 2010.