FIFA 11 Onsche’s Full Turf Package:

Author: Onsche

The patch includes the following for FIFA 11. A complete turf update with…
– New created texture (more details, higher resolution, smooth look in game view)
– New 3D grass (better noticeable and more realistic)
– Complete new colors (better look and more natural)
– Reworked all mowing pattern (better contrast, new structure and colors)
– Better lines on pitch (more sharpness, better white color, optimized for new turf)
It is with automatic installer, make a backup of “data3.big and” is recommendable.
Manuel import: Copy the folder “Game” in your FIFA 11 main directory and overwrite it. After them start the FIFA 11 Regenerator (in archiv) and regenerate.

FIFA 11 Onsche's Full Turf Package


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