FIFA 11 Premiera Polish League Patch 2011:

Author: FIFA Polonia Team

Here are the details for Polish League Patch 2011 :
– The latest roster update for the 1st League/LIGA II/LIGA III
– Setting for realistic budgets and skills as 2010/11 season
– New kits, fonts, minikits
– New flags, banners, bandages, logos in the menus and during the match
– The Polish League official ball
– New faces of some top players in the league
– New comments for some players
– Set up by the stadiums. appearance and name
– New Gloves, stadium elements
– NEW CUPS : Polish Super Cup, Polish Cup
– Corrected the name of cups and tournaments (Champions League, European League, etc.)
– The new tights for Polish referees
– New shoes, New captain armband, New balls
– New Canal + Sport scoreboard
– The Original polish league sponsors added
– Added dusk on most stadiums stadiums
– Fixed the names of all leagues, cups and stadiums throughout the game
– Training stadiums unlocked from EA
– Patch will be 100% compatible with the game online through a special changer!
– Easy Choice of popup and scoreboard in the PLP Center

FIFA 11 Premiera Polish League Patch 2011


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