FIFA 11 Regularcat’s Final Gameplay :

Our gameplay maker regularcat prepared the final version of his gameplay that will surelly change your gameplay experience in FIFA 11!

The gameplay contains:

– Reworked ball physics, now shots are harder, faster, you cant tell the difference
between a short pass & a long pass, regular ball or through ball, ball weight, height &
distance are accurate

– Reworked the shooting system, shots feel too realistic, powerful or finesse

– Reworked the AI’s support efforts both on the attack & on the defensive, making smarter runs
& overlapping runs creating lanes for passes, defenders rushing back to cover areas & passing lanes
in better position to make a play on the player or the ball

– CPU AI will take advantage of the said support efforts on both the attack & on the defensive
– CPU AI will take more first chance shots, shots from distance, whip better crosses into the box
– CPU AI will dribble your defenders w/ step overs & feints & quick cuts

– Reworked the GKs, they are smarter, make better decisions & position themselves much better



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