FIFA 11 Replay Logo Pack:

Author: nimnim

This great patch changes Replay logo after you scored goal! The idea is very unique & brilliant, so you will not be disappointed! Included replay logos : BBVA, BBVA2, Bunesliga, English Premier League, English Premier League 2, ESPN HD, LIGTV, Ligue 1, SKY Bundesliga, Smth, Tim Serie A, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League.

FIFA 11 Replay Logo Pack


  1. For me there´s no wipe folder in the sceneassets folder? Should individual rars stay as rars or should they be extracted?

  2. Its not very nice to upload a file without a text on how to install. Downloaded but dont know where to put the files.. :S

  3. How to use:
    extract it then for ‘English Premier League’ copy ‘wipe_0.rx3’ to Fifa 11/Game/Data/Replay/premier_League & replace there. Like this replace them all.

  4. ok there is no folder like “replay” what to do next… ??? tell pls should i make a folder for that and put the files there or not ?