FIFA 11 Scoreboardpack by ANB_Seth

This is my first Scoreboard pack for FIFA11. Some scoreboards I did for myself, others I made as a request.

The scoreboard pack contains 9 different scoreboards:

– World Cup 2010 – ARD
– World Cup 2010 – EuroSport
– Bundesliga – Sky
– Liga BBVA – GolTV
– Serie A – Sky
– Uefa Champions League – Sky
– Digi Sport TV

Have fun!


– copy the “.big” file of the scoreboad you want to use into (..FIFA 11\Game\data\ui\game\overlays\)
– run Fifa11i68Regenerator
– enjoy

FIFA 11 features 5 kinds of Scoreboards, each assigned to appear with certain leagues. Some of the scoreboards in this pack however can’t be assigned to a league directly (e.g. romanian scoreboard, World Cup scoreboard …) and are thereby named to replace the default scoreboard “overlay_2002.big”. If you want to use it for any other league, just rename the file, or duplicate and rename the file to the filenames below:

“overlay_2002.big” default
“overlay_3002.big” french leagues
“overlay_4002.big” german leagues / bundesliga
“overlay_5002.big” italian leagues / Serie A
“overlay_6002.big” spainish leagues / liga BBVA

Disclaimer: For all my scoreboards I was using the modified scoreboard base from CJD17, so the credit for the big hex work go to him. Also a thank you to regularcat for his hint on where to start hexing.


  1. hi, well the patch it’s almost perfect, only 2 scoreboards are missing:

    – Premier League (the most coolest…) and UEFA Europa League

    Can you add them ? Like an version 2 maybe ?

  2. yes… premier league scoreboard is missing. Europa League is also nice and you should add it.

    IMPORTANT: Is this patch ONLINE COMPATIBLE ? If I have it, the other guy can see my scoreboard if I host the game ? Please tell me.

  3. @ Zeno,
    all graphic mods are compatible online. ANB_Seth, this is great, but are u going to make the popups as well?

  4. Mam dwa pytania co oznacza “duzy” i skąd u ciebie w folderze UI jest folder Game bo ja tego nie mam-I have two questions, which means “big” and where are you in
    UI folder is the folder Game because I do not have

  5. i downloaded it but i dont have any folder like (FIFA 11\Game\data\ui\game\overlays\) this…..what do i do know…….

  6. “overlay_2002.big” default
    “overlay_3002.big” french leagues
    “overlay_4002.big” german leagues / bundesliga
    “overlay_5002.big” italian leagues / Serie A
    “overlay_6002.big” spainish leagues / liga BBVA

    But which one is for Europe?


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