FIFA 12 Brothers HD GFX Patch:

FIFA 12 Brothers HD GFX Patch

Authors: Master Pi a Gi & Gaz Panic

Content :

-Better Lightning;

-HD Quality to your game;

-Grass Color correction;

-Color of the game more alive;

-Applys AntiAliasing;

-Improved Depth of Field;

-Improved Shadows;

-Improved Ilumination;

-Adds 3D Turf.


  1. fifa 12 is so slowlly in this year the fifa demo is the most poor about the optimize, and this kind of patches make the problem biggest.

  2. i dont have aproblem with this.. it works perfectly fine.. the turf looks really well.. but the problem is with black player (negro) you cant see their faces since its too colorfully black..


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