FIFA 12 Career Tournament Mode Editor V 0.9 Beta:

Author: Doctor


Run setup file and install on FIFA12 MAIN FOLDER (Program FilesEA SportsFIFA 12)

Start FIFA12 CAREER MODE EDITOR from desktop shortcut!
Edit general career/tournament settings mode, save file, enable your edited file, regenerate and make your patch!

I added in all files the administrator manifest, but if you have problems start editor with admin right (Win Vista/7).
The button “Open CM folder” open the folder that contain all CM files, ready to edit.
Modifying these files require to start new career.
On “CM Backup” are stored all original CM files.
To any changes/edit make a backup copy of your previus files!
Some strings are quite intuitive to edit, but for more values an experienced user/editor is required.
For more info and tips about CM settings check soccergaming forum or open on it a thread with your CM patch /settings interpretation!

Included my music promo track exclusive for soccergaming forum!

This special patch/mod made by Doctor+ Productions.

FIFA 12 Career Tournament Mode Editor V 0.9 Beta FIFA 12 Career Tournament Mode Editor V 0.9 Beta


  1. The program hangs up and doesn’t respond anymore when i click on “Open editor”. And what means “make your patch” ? o_O

  2. I edited the tournament mode to be multiseason tournament mode and when I created a new tournament mode and I simulated all the season its didnt work…there is solution?

  3. Hey,
    I discovered a new problem in my fifa 12.
    I’ve tried to regenerate the BH files with CM Editor and its make my fifa 12 to not work anymore. I think that the regenerator that I have is not good…
    can someone please upload a good regenerator and put it here or send it to my email please?…