Fifa 12 Chants for all English Premier League by barcalaci84:

Fifa 12 Chants for all English Premier League by barcalaci84

At least 5 chants for each team , but most team have more than 10 chants

(I have updated the chants too)

1.Copy the chants folder to simply C:/

2.Copy playlists folder to your main Music folder in windows…(Libraries/music)

3.Run the game and now you can edit your chants…

All La liga and all Bundesliga coming soon…

Thank you for iheartdropdead , gigimarulla, tommsen and the others…


  1. People who got problems finding the chants in the game,the problem is simple.
    Run the playlists and save them on your media player,then they will appear in your game. Worked for me with a brazilian chants pack.

  2. guyz put the chants folder in Drive C then put the play lists in the my music folder C:\Users\(your user name)\Music
    then start the game and from customize chants choose the third option then assign every play list to it’s team and enjoy

  3. beautiful upload man, thanks! couldn’t play the game now without them! πŸ™‚ ps: anyone w/ probs using this just do like Black said; don’t use the included m3u files or profile, create yr OWN .wpl playlists with these mp3’s in Windows Media Player, play them just before starting FIFA 12, and THEN they show up as selectable in the edit chants menu (worked for me in Win7x64).


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