FIFA 12 Creation Master Beta 6 :

This application has been highly anticipated by gamers worldwide FIFA 12. Creation Master 12 that inspired the birth of many editors. We appreciate CM12 developers. Now it’s easier for the gamer to do modifications in FIFA 12. You will find inside all the tutorials you need. Enjoy!

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  1. i cant understand the pictures. can you please make a video for tutorial. i cant find the folder of fifa12 in my REGEDIT. please!

  2. yeah It’s work in my xp sp3 (32bit), but oes’t work for sometime on editing player..
    & does’t work on my 7(64bit)..txh

  3. Yea, anyone find a fix for windows 7? I’m guessing it has something to do with the “(x86)” part in the directory. Also “EASPORTS” is capitalized in Windows 7. I thought changing that in the bat/reg files code would fix the problem. I guess I am wrong… 🙁

  4. ich hab folgendes problem: Wenn ich den Creation Master 12 öffne kommt die Fehlermeldung: Creation Master 11 funktioniert nicht mehr

    Bitte helfen

  5. This app can’t open!!
    Why this app can’t work on my windows xp sp3?
    please answer, i realy love this app!!!

  6. this shit does not work on windows 7,and nobody knows why all it shows is cm 11 has stopped working….wow cm 11—is it…idiots

  7. jorge says:
    June 1, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    ejecutalo como administrador en windows 7

    it will not work also if u try running it like admin also…thanks for the shit u uploaded

  8. CM12 Tutorial fix Registry

    1. First time, install Fifa 12 in the folder c: \ ProgramFiles \ Fifa 12,
    ane then create folders and move the EA Sports Fifa 12 into the
    EA Sports folder into c: \ ProgramFiles \ EA Sports \ Fifa 12 .. (time
    displacement stage we do not need to reinstall Fifa12, so
    just input folder into the folder Fifa 12 EA Sports)
    2. Then create Fifa12.reg & Fifa12.bat and ane input into the folder
    c: \ ProgramFiles \ EA Sports \ Fifa 12 .. click 2x to the second file.
    3. Then check whether it is correct regedit registry entry becomes
    as it must, if it is correct and then exit.
    4.Jika phase 1 s / d 3 is properly done you can directly open the CM12 with no problem anymore.
    5. enjoy your edit ..

  9. It worked on my XP 32-bit……but now i have installed XP 64-bit and it’s not working anymore…………….!!!

  10. I had the same problem…..
    CM12 wouldn’t open….
    Even in fifaconfig.exe, game settings wouldn’t open…
    I just installed directx(a dxsetup is there in FIFA 12 where the game is installed.use that)…
    Now the CM12 works, game settings can be altered.
    Registry entry should be there, but even if not, u must be able to open CM12, but u must manually select db file.But before selecting, I think regenerator must be used.
    A dotnetfx35 is also provided, try that, if there is still a problem

  11. anyone know what goes inside the fifa12.reg and fifa12.bat files? Somebody please help got a bunch of mods that I’m dying to use!!!!

  12. To open the program, you must:
    Right click on the desktop icon.
    Click on “Run as Administrator”
    Allow Administrator rights.
    Voila! :]


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