FIFA 12 ENB Series:

Author: Mudassir Baig

FIFA 12 ENB Series

It is edited even for low PCs.
It will increase the color of your turf pitch amazingly. Play like you never before.!!!!


1.) Extract the ENB.RAR

2.) Open the folder enb and copy the three files to your game folder i.e FIFA 12Game

3) Enjoy thegame


Just delete the files you copied before.


  1. Hello, I wanted to know what exactly this patch, what are the characteristics that change? I do not see any difference or am I wrong! Thank you.

  2. this is bullshit. The only thing it does is change the contrast of the game, not specificaly the pitch color. And it becomes really bad for the eyes.

  3. Mudassir

    Is this suppose to be like the patch which got put on here for the fifa 12 demo where it makes the game look a lot better.I think it was on here but can no longer find it cus some peeps said it had a virus so it probably got removed.All i remember was there was red writing which come up on screen in the top left when the demo was launched

  4. I remember at the time it needed a fast pc to run properly.Anyway i just tried this and it dosent seem to be the same thing

  5. This thing is shit….itz bad for our eyes to play with that contrasting colour….whoever the patch maker is ….try making a good patch nxt tym ! 🙂

  6. Honestly i think you guys should be at least grateful that someone has made time to create this patch for those whose colors are not that bright and colorful. And if you really think its not worth it, then why download it in the first place. If you find it difficult to praise the maker of this patch, please go and create one for yourself (as if you even can), or do not download it, but desist from being ungrateful and insulting to the maker. I think the maker did a good job. Keep it up and thanks!

  7. You are very mean ! this patch isn’t so bad ! yes the colours are too much bright , they should just change the turf color , but he tried to fix this big problem : the turf , and i hope everybody will try to do better , but congratulations for trying !

  8. My game crashes soon as the fifa 12 screen comes up it then exits to desktop this happens with modde patched game or default installation.

    System Specs

    Intel I7 920 @ 2.67 ghtz
    Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
    18 Gb DDR 3 Ram
    1Tb Harddisk x2
    Ati Radeon Hd 6900 Series

    Any Ideas

    It gets to the point where u get the red text up the top left then exits to desktop

  9. Same here. Just before the language selector, it crashes to desktop. I tried with about 5 enb, but get the same everytime 🙁 dx installed, d3dx9_26, and 40 dll-s are in place, dunno what the problem 🙁

  10. It’s enb. This patch uses some trick and effects directx code through dx9 dll file. Smart. And its amazingly gives better graphics in most games. I use it for Richard Burns Rally which is quite old. And outcome is perfect.


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