FIFA 12 HD Combination Graphics:

Author: jotilla

FIFA 12 HD Combination Graphics

This is the combination ENBseries(based on GTA,Resident Evil), with a personal editing. Now for FIFA 12.

Install :
– Put the archives in “game” folder.
– To enable and disable Enbseries,press shift+f12.
– To enable and disable bloom press shift+ f9.

Some things to consider:
1. This ENBseries is for medium-powerfull pc´s.
2. Enable Enbseries only when you are in match (if you activate the enbseries in the menus you’re not going to see some options).
3. Fidel HD grafics + this enbseries = AWESOME grafics.

filesonic download fileserve download


  1. lockout is somewhat
    my pc is: amd dual core 2.8 2gb ram gt 240 1gb ddr3
    I can play with high graphics levels, without this patch

  2. Mat: same here… new enb, and still not working… so you are not the only one 🙁

    its working with the demo just fine, but not with the full :S

  3. i know 🙁 same here…

    q6600 @ 3,2 ghz, 4 gb ddr2, and gtx 560ti…

    i play bf3 at high in full hd, so my i can deffinately play this enb stuff…

  4. can someone give me the original files becuase tis is not working for me… i cant play fifa at alll….please original files!!!!

  5. Yep Gazcamp3r exactly what im getting.I use enb on gta iv and it works fine..Even the fifa 12 demo worked ok but not been able to get this working on the full boxed version of the game at all


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