FIFA 12 National Anthems for entrance by barcalaci84:

National anthems (hymns) for 20 national teams (entrance songs)
they are recorded in stadiums (you can hear that the crowd sing them too)

Argentina, Australia, Austria ,Brazil, Denmark,

England, France ,Germany,Greece , Holland

HUNGARY , Italy , New Zeland , Poland , Portugal,

Russia, Spain , Sweden, Switzerland , USA

1.Copy the chants folder to simply C:/

2.Copy playlists folder to your main Music folder in windows…(Libraries/music)

3.Run the game and now you can edit your entrance songs for nationals…

filesonic download fileserve download


  1. Having trouble with this done all the instructions correctly but the games only showing a few anthems listed maybe 3 or 4 at the most.Is there a limit to how many playlists u can add cus i do have chants from the other chant patch on here the epl one.Thought i could just add the intros from this patch with new playlists with the playlist from the other patch that way i can have both


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