FIFA 12 No Intro Patch:

Author: apollox

Do you know this situation? You want to run FIFA 12 but it takes so long until you are in the main menu? Intro sequences, language selection, loading times & co takes so much time? Then we have a nice download for you today: The No Intro Patch by apollox.

The No Intro Patch reduces the intro sequences of FIFA 12 to a minimum so that the game still is stabil but the start of the game is much faster now. Furthermore there has been added an automatical language selection, so that there is no need to select your menu language each start of the game again.

The patch has a size of only 0,9 MB und can be installed with an automatical installer.


The patch is compatible with these languages:
German, English, Czech, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Mexican, Polish, Portugese, Russian and Spanish.

The patch is online-compatible.

Please notice that you have to select your menu language in the installer of the patch.

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  1. I installed this patch and now i can’t star the game. And I still have ti choose language. The game stop running just after choosing language.

  2. I just uninstalled it, removed the FIFA 12 folder and then reinstalled it. Now it’s working. Just don’t forget to save your FIFA 12 folder in My documents if you don’t want to loose all your saves.


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