FIFA 12 Official Winter Update Roster DB:

Author: FIFA-Infinity

EA Sports has released its official update of the rosters after the winter transfers. Unfortunately the released format (a SQUADS file) is not compatible with other editing tools. FIFA-Infinity has Export The Tables(The Official Updated Squads File From EA Servers) With Internal Master, after Import In The Original DataBase. It features :

– Updated Rosters
– Updated Kits Number
– Updated Formations
– Added New Players

(*) Note: If You Have A Previous Edited DB Make A Backup
(*) Note 2: If You Have A Previous Edited DB Only Replace, Don’t Needed Run Regenerator.
(*) After You Copy My DB Files, Remove SQUADS Files Localized In “My Documens > FIFA 12”.

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  1. It worked, but in career mode it freeze before match. I start the season play some match (about 10-15) and freeze to desktop without any error massage or something

  2. I tried all the steps including making the db folder, deleting the squads file and using the generator, it doesnt’t work for me.


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