FIFA 12 Overlays Changer 1.0 Repacked by Zlatan87:

Popups in this first version are 4:

Uefa Champions League
Serie A

Serie A Scoreboard is Mine

Others Scoreboards are taked from here and on other websites, I have only added SkySport logo.


GlauberBatista (OC Software and hex research help)
Evolution (Some Scoreboards and Hex research help)
Zic (Some Scoreboards)
EditiamoFifa (Some textures of Serie A Popups)
Massi (Bundesliga SB)
D. Pinheiro (Coppa Italia)
Mipoc (Liga BBVA SB)
Anb Seth (World Cup sb)

mediafire download


  1. can somebody please tell me which folders to copy and where do i copy those folders because in the file theres only italian and i dont understand italian so if you could tell me in english please. thanks

  2. I was not me that does not work regenerator and when the ladies start changer and choose something to write me access denied
    Please advise me

  3. Hey Guys, just copy the folder “overlays” from the folder “game” and regenerate with “fifa12 i68Regenerator” and thats all. have fun.


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