FIFA 12 Real grass mod 2pi v.0:

Author: 2pi (Kaskuser Member)

FIFA 12 Real Grass mod 2pi v.0

Hi, we back with the new Pitch Update For FIFA 12.

In this patch you can update 4 model for the FIFA 12 Pitch – Chose What you want, all depending on you.

1. real grass mod v.0 (All Change) : It made a changes for FIFA 12 Grass Color, Pattern and Texture.
2. real grass mod v.0 (Color Changes): it change only FIFA 12 Grass color.
3.real grass mod v.0 (Pattern Changes): it changes only fifa 12 pattern.
4. real grass mod v.0 (Texture Changes); it changes only the FIFA 12 pitch texture.

To Instalation, Read the instruction on the file, Very Simple..

filesonic download fileserve download


  1. Where is the original data3.big stored? Does the program make a backup? Cause i cant find it in i68 backups folder…

  2. Terrible. the light reflections are horrendous and the goal posts are floating in some replays. dont waste your time and bandwidth downloading


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