FIFA 12 Realistic Stadiums Names:

Author: regularcat

this patch gives correct stadium names for every team in fifa 12

import instructions
export the database (fifa_ng_db & fifa_ng_db-meta) from data0.big w/ texture editor 12

open dbm11 & load the database (fifa_ng_db & fifa_ng_db-meta) you extracted

scroll down until you see stadiumassignments & click on it

select import single table & browse to my patch & click import

save the database (fifa_ng_db & fifa_ng_db-meta)



  1. Hi Regularcat
    I have tried following your instructions how to import the correct stadium names, but as yet have been unsuccessful.

    Exported the database from data0.big to game folder
    Used DBM11 to load the exported dbase and then imported the stadium names as per your instruction (They show up correctly in the imported table.
    I then save the revised database. How do i get the revised database into the data0.big file or should fifa read from the game folder/db file.

    Please help


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