FIFA 12 Sweat Effect 2pi V.1:

Author 2pi

This is an update from FIFA 12 Sweat patch version 0.
On this latest version you can see full sweat Effect on player body, face,hands, and legg. The Effect can affected in all match weather not only in the rain. Enjoy the game and dont asking about the lag and low specification caused this update.

How To Use:
1. Copy and extract the Data folder to: FIFA12/Game/ (if you have the older version it migh be replace it in to the folder)
2. Run FIFA12 Regenerator

Try and get the new FIFA 12 update from us.
Thanks to download:

Bring to You by the FIFA 12 EDITING GENERATION
“Agan 2pi, the Editing
“Agan TheArtMan, The Publishing

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