FIFA 12 Sweat Effect by 2pi:

FIFA 12 Sweat Effect by 2pi

Hi, This is The FIFA 12 SWEAT PATCH Made By Mr. 2 Pi (The Indonesian FIFA 12 KASKUSER)

There is three sweat patch option, High, medium and low effect. Extract and copy to the game folder, regenerate it.. (Read instruction inside the file)


  1. i cannot play with my friend in fifa 2012, only can play versus computer. only controller 1 is available, please help

  2. First open data3.big, then find data/sceneassets/heads/head_common_textures.rx3, exportfiletogamepath, then active big’s file into folder. close editor. finaly search in fifa12/game/data/sceneassets/heads/head_common_textures.rx3 and change by the high sweat.

  3. can someone show how to install XBOX 360 Controller emulator vibmod. i only can play with the computer, and only one gamepad is detected. need help

  4. to play the game with generic controllers: Go to Start-> Run-> (or maybe press the Windows button + R) -> type Regedit -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER ->System->CurrentControlSet->Control->MediaProperties->PrivateProperties->Joystick->OEM-> and there in some of the three folders you should find a file called OEMName->Right Click on it -> Modify.. ->Rename USB Gamepad to ” Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 ” . After download this Xbox 360 controller files and paste them in your FIFA12/game folder

  5. i did what you told. i extracted all files into fifa2012 game directory, and i did change (Rename USB Gamepad to ” Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 ”) as you mentioned, but when i click fifa.exe, it freezes…hmmm dont know what to do

  6. juan 1st of all i would like to THANK YOU for your reply!!secondly,if you dont mind,i would like to tell me again what to do but with more details cause its my first time i use this….sorry for that!!all the moves step by step would help me more i think!i know it is easy but…

  7. FIFA 12 seems to have issues with default Xbox 360 controller drivers and if you are experiencing freezing issues and stuttering with the game while playing with your Xbox 360 controller on PC.

    Uninstall Xbox 360 controller drivers and re-connect them. Let Windows configure the controller and start the game.

  8. for example …whem i find the ”data/sceneassets/heads/head_common_textures.rx3” in the editor…and i click ”exportfiletogamepath”,which path i must choose and then press ok??????

  9. and the same when i must choose a path when i click on ”active big’s file into folder”….which path i must choose there too?

  10. if you continue to have problem to start fifa test to go to mydocuments/fifa11 and copy the buttonconfig.ini and then paste it to the mydocuments/fifa12 and then try restarting the game … and tell me if that fixes

  11. so i choose my fifa path every time it asks me for a path?in ”exportfiletogamepath”,and in ”active big’s file into folder” as well??

  12. Let’s say import sweat textures
    •Open big file ( data3.big)
    •Search data/sceneassets/heads/head_common_textures.rx3
    •…and when you’ve found the file, click in “Export File To Game Path” ( search for Game folder in FIFA 12 )
    • Go to Edit -> Active .big file’s into folder ( this will tell the game to read the file you have exported and not the one from big file )
    •You find the file in “FIFA 12 / Game / data / sceneassets / heads”
    •Replace the file with High Effect file

  13. you must install Slimdx .NET 4.0 End User Runtime and be sure to has a complete installation of .NET Framework 4.0, then reset.

  14. ok…i’ve done everything as you said and when i’m going to run the .exe of the game it starts a message :
    ”This software requires Internet Control Release date during the first boot after installation and it shows with every application starts, until it reaches the Release Date. This requires an active Internet connection.

    The identification and application materials sent to the server time.

    If you pass the traffic control date, obtained a decryption key from the server while the application files and folders are decrypted and replaced.

    Click on “Accept” if you want to continue or click “Exit” to abort this process.”
    why is that?

  15. ok…..i fised it,so it worked!thanks a lot for the help juan!do we know anything about fixing the grass too?make it 3d??

  16. @love fifa 2012

    i would suggest that you use motioninjoy its a very good program, connect as many controllers as you want and you can set the controls.

  17. Hi,I have a graphic bug with the ultra high effect heads…when the weather is rainy,the face of all player blacks is yellow … What I can do for this ?!?


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