This great Sweat Effect v.4 + ENB Editing v.5 package features:

– Sweat Effect latest models
– Face textures are sharper and realistic
– Graphic Quality FIFA 12 better without sacrificing too many PC specifications
– Staining regulated better and brighter
– You will see the actual figure of the players who featured in the game FIFA 12, update the best face more recommended & we did once work for it
– Import the image of the screenshot will appear more clearly as is usually made ??for the game Wallpapers. Use a good tool for that.
– Grass field FIFA 12 more bright and comfortable in a vision
– Anti-aliasing improvements to FIFA 12, in other words the object of the game will look better
– Another effect is the muscles around the neck and hand the player’s more visible when the game is being emotional, but…this does not give too much effect, because it does not want characters in FIFA 12 instead like a zombie .. arrrgh !!!!!

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  1. it works pretty good however, during the match, the game tends slow down and jam. My PC is good, not to say very good so it is not the problem of pc. Any fix for that?