FIFA 12 Universe Mod: Brazilian and South American League:

Author: Mateus Guedes – Universo Kits

First of all, you need to know: The Universe Mod was developed by my friend Godiba1973 and the editors of the Universe Kits.

○ What’s new in the patch?
• Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A 2012 Updated
• Minicampeonato Brazilian Serie B with four teams
• 30 South American Teams
• New Boots
• New Players
• New Kits
• New Score
• New adboards

○ Team

General Issue: Godiba1973
Kits: Jote and Matthew Guedes
Faces: Duarte and Daniel Mota Aluísio
Thanks: BFT – Ultimate Pack, By Giving teams kits and other South American and Daniel SL-Scoreboard and Pop-us Globo.

○ Installation:
• FIFA Without Patches installed.
1 – Extract the downloaded files into a single folder.
2 – Save YOUR DATA folder in a safe place.
3 – Copy the downloaded folder and paste in the DATA folder of your FIFA game.
4 – Run the regenerator included in the package (Windows 7 users run as Adm).
5 – During the game, always select the language PORTUGUESE.
6 – If you had edited the rosters of its fifa 12, delete it, otherwise the updates will not be processed.
7 – Good game!.
• To FIFA with Patches installed, I recommend reinstalling.

FIFA Original Alternative x | Online Mode

Patch testing was in both versions, original and copy.
In the original version, featuring the only error was in online mode, when trying to play with the new teams: Nautical, Ponte Preta, Portuguese and Sport.
In the alternative version, no errors were identified.

○ Note:
Because the patch is not yet version 1.0, urge everyone to tell us about their experiences, some mistakes made​​, what they liked and disliked, MT will be important information for the version 2.0, get the most complete and error free .
You can leave your feedback in the comments of this post, on our facebook page by clicking here, via twitter using the tag #UniversoMod, or via email: [email protected]

The patch, got a size a little heavy to post and to be downloaded, so we decided to split it into 3 equal parts, Server: Media Fire.

Part 1: mediafire download
Part 2: mediafire download
Part 3: mediafire download


  1. Hey dude! congratulation and thaks 4 the job! I’m from uruguay!

    I try to download but when i click on the part 1 it’s send to de FIFA PATCH web not to the MF web…!

    HELP ME!

  2. Alright guys, this is my feedback.
    There are missing players in Club Olimpia such as Vladimir Marin, Sergio Orteman, Alberto Contreras, Sergio Almiron, Renzo Revoredo (can be found on Peruvian National Team). There is apparently a bug with Club Libertad as everytime I tried to play against them the game would crash. The game would also crash if I tried to start career mode with a team from this patch. That’s all the feedback that I had. Keep up the good work!! Patch looks amazing!!


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