FIFA 12 World Tour 2012 Update 1:00 by Shahab Shaterian:

This Update will add and fix the following issues:

-New Canada Home, Away kits
-New Czech 3rd kits
-Fix the missing Home , Away and GK kits for Macedonia FYR
-Fix Georgia Number and Collar position
-Fix Iceland Number and Collar position
-Add new Number for Serbia away kit
-Fix some Logo problem
-Fix the missing Player Name for Oceania Teams and other teams
-Possible Fix Ghana NT
-Fix Iran National Team squad and player numbers

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  1. the patch is good, thank you very much for that, but continues to crash when I go to manage international teams put a player (Chile) that is not in the template on the computer … thanks hopefully something you can do about
    use google translator jajja expect an answer by good vibes.

  2. al crear un torneo con los paises de futbol el juego se cierra, alguna solucion? / to create a tournament with the countries of football the game is closed, any solution?