FIFA 13 – i68 Patcher 3.2 Boots Edition by nabo78

Before starting please backup your db folder and your boots assignments.
Download i68 patcher 3.2 boots edition here:

zshare download filefront download

Don’t run the program immediately, first open boots.dbc file (path i68 Patcher 3.2 boots edition\PatchData\extra):

To open the file, use a common notepad.
Delete the content. I left my assignments just for instance, to let you know that i68 patcher will automatically take assignments as they are (player information won’t effect the outcome).
Copy and paste (or cut) your boots assignments in it.
Run the patcher (press italian flag to switch to english language):

Press go and wait until the end of the process (it may take some minutes).
Last step, delete your boots assignments in fifarna folder.
My thought is to use this method once the lua limit has been reached. From my point of view revolution mod manager (and advanced boot manager feature in particular) is absolutely necessary to collect assignments (if lua file hadn’t had limitations, we wouldn’t have needed of this trick).
Special thanks to iard68 (you are a genius mate) and fifamania community.

zshare download filefront download


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