FIFA 13 Nabo78 bootpack v.1.8.2

FIFA 13 Nabo78 bootpack v.1.8.2

More than 200 new boots assignments!
New Cristiano Ronaldo’s boots!
New Umbro GT II
New Joms Power Blue/Yellow
ModdingWay Selector compatible!
Boots name thanks to fakefisher

In this pack you’ll find everything necessary to make my bootpack work:

– dbm13
– shoe folder of course
– i68 patcher
– i68 regenerator
– boots folder for ModdingWay Selector
– boots name add-on.

How to install:
First of all, back up your db and shoe folders, your boots assignments and, if you have ModdingWay Patch, boots folder.
Activate boots ids in your db. Get the playerboots.txt table in “step 1 – playerboots” folder

and follow this tutorial:


Step 1 – Open DBM12 – pay attention to select the correct db files (the program automatically brings you to select Fifa 12 db files):

The path for both files (fifa_ng_db and fifa_ng_db-meta) is:
C : \Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\FIFA 13\Game\data\db

Step 2 – Playerboots table – select playerboots table (in the middle of your monitor, to the left):

Press “import single table” button:

and choose my playerboots.txt file:

Last step – Save – to enable the changes, you must save:

I haven’t checked with FHL-DB-Editor but I suppose that the steps are more or less the same.


Copy and paste the contents of “step 2 – bootpack” folder into “Game” folder(overwrite your previous files once asked)
Run the patcher (“step 3 – i68 patcher” folder) and wait (it will take a while…15000 boots assignments need time!).
Regenerate (“step 4 – i68 regenerator” folder). This last operation is just once-off. If you did it with my previous version it’s not
necessary this time.
Delete all the boots assignments in your lua file.

This bootpack is compatible with any patch.

If you notice that boots are not correctly assigned to the players, follow this last step:
in the main menu, go to costumise fifa/edit teams/change squads-roster and reset all squads

For all the people who notice crashes in edit mode
You’ll find a playerboots.txt called “playerboots by nabo78 less than 150 boots” in “step 1 – playerboots” folder , use that one.

ModdingWay Patch add-on
Before starting, delete shoe folder (XXX\FIFA 13\Game\data\sceneassets).
Delete boots folder (XXX\FIFA 13\Game) and replace with the one in my add-on.
Now you can use Modding Selector.

Boots name and IDs in edit mode – add -on by fakefisher
use DBM add these strings of the lauguage db(eg:eng_us.db)
all boots are available in edit mode with the right name and id

it’s a very simple method to add bootname in edit mode eng_ng_upd.db(this file precede over eng_ng_db) to your XXX\FIFA 13\Game\data\loc
2.regenarate patch.big
enjoy it.


fifamania community

Boots lists:
soccergaming community
evoweb community

Boots name in edit mode:

Download FIFA 13 Nabo78 bootpack v.1.8.2 :

zshare download filefront download


  1. hy,i did everything what you said for moodingway selector,and it doesn’t work.i don’t know why,because i deleted the shoe folder from sceneassets and the boot folder,and after i replaced it with your boot folder,but it don’t works.


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