Fifa 14 Stadium Swapper v2 by shawminator

this app is a sort of manual stadium server type thing.
you keep all the user created stadiums in a folder called eg… Stadiums
and just before a match you alt-tab out of the game and select the home team from a dropdown list and the corresponding stadium that you wish to use from the list of stadiums and press replace.
then to restore to ea default stadium just select the restore to default, and it will restore the selected team to the ea default stadiums
this copies the files from the stadiums folder to the data folder and renames them to the correct id for that team. this means that there is no need to add more stadiums to the game, which cuts out chances of error ie shadows at night time etc….

im using this along with jenkeys file loader as that means there is no need to extract files from the big files, also means that we can use a folder only for stadiums, i called mine stadium_tool

heres a  screen of the applications

the only error i can see from this is the crowd shadow error where the stadium your replacing is smaller than the new stadium.
the only solution is to change the assigned home stadium in CM14 to a different one, if you do this you will need to update the application ini file
to do this you highlight the home team in question then select the new id from the the dropdown box and press change ID, this rewrites the ini file with the new id for that team.

the other thing i found usfull was that you can use any stadium in the list for any team, a good way of testing stadiums that you prob wouldn’t,
this just makes life a whole lot easier

mirrorcreator multiupload

and here is the link for jenkeys file loader.
Even if you only use it for this it is well worth it, as i said im not too sure if my app will work with out file loader

i hope ive explained how to use the app well enough if not let me know and ill try to explain it a bit better.

if only there was some way to hook into the exe and make this automatic, that would be IDEAL!


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