FIFA 16 Career Mod Vibranium (Moddingway Mod Add-on)

This mod was specifically made for moddingway patch, 7.60 with 7.0 db latest version, otherwise not recommemded.

You need
1. moddingway patch latest version 7.0 db applied
2. any renegerator but i suggest FHL-BH editor
3. optional db master to install previousteam table


To install
-Copy files and replace in Fifa 16 main directory.
-Apply db 7.0 again and select career mode tournaments in moddingway selector.
-Regenerate with dbmaster if still not installed.
-For prevoius team, import table with db master

To uninstall download and apply moddingway mod updates from 7.50

1. Real 2016 schedules for EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga

2.Increased match importance for all Europeans competitions so teams play their top players
NB: Note the lineups are slaves to team formation. So the best players of a team can still bench cause they don’t fit in the formation.
For example: Cuadrado would always be favoured over Dani Alvez and Lichtsteiner Stephan cause of Juventus formation in game.

3.Real team names for ALL european teams. No restrictions in 15 letters
For example Borussia Dortmund,Paris Saint-Germain,Manchester United and Zenit instead of “Bor.Dortmund”,”Zenit”,”Psg”

4. Realistic tournament prize money at all levels of the competitions.

4. Fixed Champions League qualification bug so the following can participate in the qualifliers
-Winner of Scottish League
-3rd of Liga Nos
-2nd of Eredivise
-2nd of Russian League
-3rd of Ligue 1

5. Adjusted special teams of UCL and Europa so the big teams such as Dynamo Kyiv,Shakhtar,Dinamo Zagreb have a higher chance of playing ucl qualifications

6. Assigned a hierarchy so teams prioritize international comptetitions,european,domestic league,main domestic cup and other cups. Meaning teams could rest some players cause they have a big game in Europe in mid week regardless of match importance set for domestic league.

7. African cup starts 2017 and now 2 years periodicity and also Copa America shifted to 2019 so you don’t lose all your players during pre-season to international competitions.

8. Optional:Previous teams assigned for many top transfers.

Note: It took me 2 months to understand competition files, so don’t change anything else because even a misplaced fullstop would crash your game