FIFA16 Creation Master 2.0

Creation Master v.2.0 for FIFA16

Author quote: “Welcome to CM16 2.0. The fact that it is not possible to patch FIFA 17 convinced me to upgrade the CM16 adding some new feature. The most important is the ability to connect to transfer market web site and import teams and players form the web. Another relevant new feature is the possibility to edit many images and icons used in the user interface menu, so you can give to FIFA 16 a pretty new look.
Several other features have been added to make the editing process simpler and faster. Enjoy!”

Creation Master 16 [2.0]
Added a control for setting the league prestige, this data will be recorded in the file “international.txt” and is necessary for getting a job offer from that league. If you create a new league, select the value using as an example a league existing in the original database.
When you are in the Roster page and select a player from the list, you can do several actions just typing keys:
The key > Increases the contract year
The key < Decreases the contract year
The key + Increases the overall value
The key – (minus) Decreases the overall value
A number followed by the enter key will change the jersey number
The key . (dot) will change the color of the name, this is useful for marking a player during an editing session. This information is not saved in the database and is lost when you exit CM16.
In this page you can change the images used at startup, in the menu or the icons. The imported image must have the same size of the original image but not for the icons. All the imported cons must be 256 x 256 pixels.
Web Browser
This page will open a web browser, Click the TM icon for connecting to transfermarket. The program recognizes when you are on a page that can be imported: the detailed page of a squad the page of a player
The icon for importing the data will become active, clicking the icon a dialogue box similar to the one for importing a CMP patch will be shown.
Information imported include: name, birth date, country, contract duration, joining date, position, jersey number.
Existing players are updated.
New players are created assigning an overall that depends from the market value and the age (plus a small amount of randomization) and the player appearance is generated randomly.
It is now possible to update your database using an online database of FIFA 17.



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