FIFA 16 Patch – Elite Career Mode

Download Elite Career Patch for FIFA16

This patch is a mod that makes FIFA 16 more like a manager game and your career mode gets more realistic!


– Better Transfer Activity;
– Increased Transfer Competition;
– Smarter AI Transfers;
– More Bids for your Players;
– Improved Player Values;
– Players From Top Teams Cost More;
– Players From Lower Teams Cost Less;
– Player wanted fees based on team, potential and age;
– Improved Wages;
– Realistic Player Growth;
– Better Youth System;
– Improved Scouting;
-Less Player Retirements;
– More Realistic Injuries;
– 100 Percent Budget Carry Over For All Teams;
– More Contract Renewals;
– Improved Realistic Job Offers;
– Realistic Fatigue;
– Better Training System (can auto sim same results);
– Better Youth Player Physics;
– Better Squad Starting Line Up.



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