FIFA 16 FC Bayern Full Kits Pack by Tani

Munchen Bayern


How to install:

You will need the Creation Master 16.

Open CM 16 and load you FIFA 16 Data Base (Dont forget to make a Copy from the DB and your FIFA 16 Folder) .
/DB is located in FIFA 16\data\db\fifa_ng_db

Click on Kits at the top and search for “FC Bayern”

Clone an existing kit and add it to to Bayern (use the 7-10th kits). The Clone-Button is on the green bar at the top.

Now import all new images from the download by using the “Import Image”- Buttons, located below the 5 different jersey files left and on the right side under the Minikit frame.
Make sure you use the right images for the right kits.

You dont need to exchange the Logo.

Important is now, that you adjust the kit numbers and names according to the color.

Home: white kit numbers (n.), red pant n., white back name (bn.)

Away (white): black kit n., black pant n., lila (like the clubname-color on the kit) bn.

Alternative (grey): white (its the grey looking color) kit n., white pant n., orange (like the clubname-color on the kit) bn.

GK: Please simple overwrite the texture of the old GK with the new.

Save! One time under the images, and after this save the whole file.

Have (hopeful) fun!

If you have questions, contact me on Twitter: @FcbTani


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