FIFA Manager Mod Deluxe FIFA 16

Download FIFA 16 Patch Manager Deluxe


Compatible with most mods
No DB Changes
Uses ModdingWayInstaller
Start Career From New For Best Results
Rigorously Tested (Everday for months by lots of ppl)
The Best & Most Enchanced FIFA Career Mode Ever
Highly Reccomended with MW Latest Mod
New Totally Different Version (nothing like previous)
Complete Overhual With Huge Amount of Changes
ModdingWay Compatible
Vanilla Compatible

Career Mode Overhaul
FIFA Manager is a mod that makes FIFA 16 more like a manager game.
This makes FIFA career mode more realistic and enhances the career mode system in lots of ways.

Some Of The Main Changes to this Career Mode Mega Mod

Improved Player Values, Better Transfer Activity, Improved Wages, Better Youth System,

Improved Scouting, Better Transfer Activity, Less Player Retirements,
Smarter AI Transfers, Realistic Injuries, 100 Percent Budget Carry Over For All Teams,
Realistic Player Growth, More Contract Renewals, Increased Transfer Competition,
Players From Top Teams Cost More, Players From Lower Teams Cost Less,
Better Youth Player Physics, Improved Realistic Job Offers, Realistic Fatigue,
Better Training System (can auto sim same results), More Bids for your Players,
Player Wanted Fees Based On Team, Potential, Age. Better Squad Starting Line Up.

Plus lots of other changes you will have to play to see the difference,
this is by far the best Career Mode edits ever with out having to change the DB