FIFA 16 ModdingWay Mod Update v6.0.4 by Ariel

Download FIFA16 ModdingWay Mod 6.0.4

VERSION 6.0.4 ( includes 6.0.2 and 6.0.3 )

– Fixed problem with Classical Teams in National Teams Database
– Restored classic referees

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or FIFA16 ModdingWay Mod 6.0.4 ALL IN ONE:



a) Unpack this rar in your FIFA 16 main folder. Overwrite files that it asks you to do.
b) Run file ModdingWayInstaller.exe from your FIFA 16 main folder ( Run as admin )
c) Ready


a) Unpack this rar in your FIFA 16 main folder. Overwrite files that it asks you to do.
b) Using BH Editor

DOWNLOAD BH Editor from here

Start FHL BH Editor and select option :

regenerate all BH-files
(take care of extern files)

c) Ready

Databases Available

a) Default Database : is the original FIFA 16 Database

b) Database 2.0
– Rosters according to latest EA official update.
– No new teams.
– Kits, Boots and Balls unlocked.

c) Database 4.0 15/16
– New Teams
– New Tournaments

d) Classic Teams and National Teams Database

e) Database 5.0
– Winter Transfers
– New Teams

f) Database 6.0
– Not compatible Online
– Winter Transfers
– More New Teams and Tournaments

g) Copa America Database

h) Euro 2016 Database


– Fixed problem with missing names for some players in Euro 2016 Database.
– Fixed problem with playoff qualification for teams placed in third place in Road to Euro
– Fixed missing textures for Saint Etienne Stadium
– Fixed stats and missing teams in ROW in database 6.0


– Fixed problem with Database 6.0 when playing league games ( crash ).
– Updated NT teams database with new UEFA teams added to Euro 2016 database.
– 6.0, Euro 2016 and NT database updated with latest EA stats.
– Fixed wrong minikits for Latvia and Ireland
– Fixed missing minikit for Turkey Third Kit
– Fixed missing stadium dress for Euro 2016 stadiums
– Added Poland red kit and red shorts
– Added France new away kit ( vs Switzerland )
– Fixed missing Wondolowski face


  1. please, you can make a mod Brasileirão series B and C to be added to ModdingWay.
    long time I try to talk to you Ariel.

    please help me to win this because here in Brazil they are not making free 🙁

    I guarantee that if you do will gain a legion of fans here in Brazil.

    thank you.
    if you lose some files as minifaces!i9oVkYAA!jgeNTEDShFXbga9HOV0_0DlQPcWLuSimd9zBfV2jFFc
    and uniforms of teams Series B and C of the Brazilian!vkwFWTSR!ht6KfcO9uXjyzT_QPttz8OdqG4PYZdQrD6RPEov6XuM flags
    you leave my email for more details [email protected]
    teach me add in ModdingWay the Brasileirão Serie B and C. Thus the patch will be perfect for the Brazilians.

    I await your answer his or her team.
    thank you.

  2. sorry, I did download all the files and installed them correctly, but when i enter the game nothing happens different. everything is just like what it was before! how can i access champions league and other new tornuments?