FIFA 16 Ultra by PesCups.Ru 4.0 (All in One)

FIFA16 Ultra by PesCupsRu Version 4.0

Meet the new and revolutionary version of Ultra graphics for FIFA 16, it contains even more styles, several kinds of detail and include changes in previous versions.


– This version contains 15 styles Style 1 – Style 15
– All styles are very much optimized for FIFA 16
– At the request can be improved and the details of the game
– This version is now more detailed elaborations
– High graphics EAshnoe removes blur from a distance
– Suitable for all, strong and weak points of the system
– Enabling or disabling effects during the game
– Changing styles during the game
– In the future we plan 20 styles


How to activate the details:

– After installing the patch, go to the folder pescupsultra
– There you will see several folders on the levels of graphics

level 1 – default ‘schedule
level 2 – the easiest
level 3 – intermediate level
level 4 – high level
level 5 – ultra settings
level 6 – specification of 3.0

– Copy the folder from the folder with the level in the game folder
– Regenerate FIFA, ready

How to remove the details:

– To remove a detail, go to the folder FIFA 16 \ data \ fifarna \ lua
– Delete the file from there settings.lua
– Or just put the first level
– Regenerate the game

How to change the style of:

– After installing the patch in the game folder appears with the styles folder pescupsstyle
– Go to it, then a folder with style and copy the folder from there into the game folder
– The default setting of Style 1
– The style can be changed during the game

Helpful information:

– For on / off the effect, press the Scroll Lock
– To change the style of the game, take the game and change the style
– For screens with style effect, press the Print Screen


– Install the patch to the folder with the game
– Before first entering the game in the label that appears, click Yes / Yes


– Uninstall through UninstallUltra40.exe
– After removal of the regenerate game